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رقم القرعة مزاد علني الحالة التاريخ المبلغ
Copart USA
Sold 09/02/2024 475$
Copart USA
Not sold 06/02/2024 525$
Copart USA
Not sold 02/02/2024 525$
Copart USA
Not sold 30/01/2024 325$
Copart USA
Not sold 26/01/2024 325$

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رقم القرعة







القيمة المقدرة








عدد الكيلومترات، ميلا



1.6L 4



وحدة القيادة

Front-wheel Drive

علبة السرعة


Auction Sale statistic


للفترة من : 2023-07 إلى: 2024-06

IAAI: 105 Lots

COPART: 161 Lots

المجموع: 266

AVG Price


June $476 17 $424 23
May $459 19 $462 17
April $467 16 $418 26
March $391 14 $418 22
February $510 17 $487 28
January $475 1 $0 0
December $225 1 $100 1
November $425 2 $0 0
October $0 0 $100 1
September $725 1 $592 3
August $455 16 $419 13
July $850 1 $519 27

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لم يتم العثور على سيارات نشطة يتم تداولها في المستقبل القريب.

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COPART Auction Bids for 2008 HYUNDAI ACCENT (VIN: KMHCM36C48U075062)

Upon contemplating the purchase of a pre-owned automobile, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) stands as an crucial aid for interested purchasers. This 17-character sequence, which is exclusive to each individual vehicle, is more than merely a combination of digits and letters. It captures vital details regarding the automobile's history, its specifications, and its maker. Likewise, car auctions like COPART present a stage where these vehicles, from those in pristine condition to others in damaged, are bid on by prospective buyers, making comprehending. Understanding VINs and the auction methods is imperative.

Acquire comprehensive insights into the vehicle history for the 2008 HYUNDAI ACCENT with VIN KMHCM36C48U075062. The platform has developed all the key technical specifications for the entered vehicle.

Vehicle History: HYUNDAI ACCENT (VIN KMHCM36C48U075062) Detailed Report

When evaluating a vehicle such as 2008 HYUNDAI ACCENT for purchase, a number of significant characteristics become apparent:

  • Market Value: Acquire a picture of the vehicle’s worth in today’s market, helping you understand its financial worth.
  • VIN History: Checking the VIN discloses important previous details, such as accidents, maintenance, and ownership history, giving you a fuller picture of the car’s history.
  • Maintenance Costs: Understand the expected repair costs. This insight helps you compare and decide if the vehicle is a financially prudent choice.
  • Damage Details: Comprehend the type and extent of any damage to evaluate repair needs and costs, vital for understanding what you’re getting into.
  • Key Availability: Check if original keys are available. Missing keys could indicate past issues or future expenses.
  • Operability: Make sure the vehicle can start and move. This basic check is crucial for judging its immediate usability.
  • Body Type: The design and configuration influence of the car’s appeal and value. Even if not listed, you can often find this information through images or the vehicle’s spec sheet.
  • Visual Inspection: Use provided photos to detect any unreported damage or concerns, offering a more comprehensive view of the vehicle’s condition.
  • Features and Specs: Review the vehicle’s features and specifications. These details can affect the car’s value and how well it meets your needs.

Armed with this comprehensive information, buyers can adopt an informed decision-making strategy when picking a pre-owned vehicle. This approach ensures a knowledgeable choice, tailored to the buyer's preferences and requirements, for a HYUNDAI ACCENT, VIN KMHCM36C48U075062.

Everything You Need to Know: HYUNDAI ACCENT, VIN KMHCM36C48U075062

The VIN check gives a full picture of the specifications and current condition of 2008 HYUNDAI ACCENT for sale. Find out all the key details that matter about lot 39772194, brought together in one place for your convenience. By examining the HYUNDAI ACCENT with VIN KMHCM36C48U075062, you will be able to understand its condition.

This vehicle belongs to AUTOMOBILE. The car has a SILVER shade and ENHANCED VEHICLES, indicating whether it is in operational condition.

The HYUNDAI ACCENT 2008 has an attractive SILVER body color that is highly visible on the highway at any time of day. Following the inspection, it was established that the vehicle's most significant damage affected the ALL OVER area. The additional damage is .

Every aspect of this car relates its own unique story - performance, appearance and HYUNDAI ACCENT maintenance levels. Every component, from the roar of the 1.6L 4 engine and AUTOMATIC transmission type to the graceful body type, completes the story of a car that has roamed the roads and faced challenges. The car 2008 HYUNDAI ACCENT VIN number KMHCM36C48U075062, is currently in Sold at , allowing you to trace its journey to this point. The auction COPART has a sale date scheduled for 09/02/2024.

Whether you are purchasing a vehicle with an impeccable service history or one that requires some care and attention, knowing its history is paramount. This detailed VIN KMHCM36C48U075062 history check offers essential information about a car's life, helping potential buyers make an educated decision. The car VIN number HYUNDAI ACCENT 2008 is prepared to start a new chapter with its next owner, offering many more miles of adventure, reliability, and performance.

Service for Removing VINs offers a specialized service for individuals seeking to clear the history offers a specialized service for individuals looking to clear the history associated with their vehicle's VIN. To improving a vehicle’s sale prospects by eliminating records of insignificant incidents, and guaranteeing the vehicle's history is as appealing as possible to prospective buyers.

Functioning within legal boundaries, ensures that the process is in compliance with local regulations, offering a straightforward and user-friendly experience. While the service focuses on privacy and marketability, it maintains a commitment to ethical practices, providing a solution for vehicle owners who wish to manage their vehicle's historical records ethically


What's the process for a VIN-based vehicle history search?

A VIN search involves entering the vehicle's unique 17-character code into a search tool, which then retrieves a detailed report of the vehicle's history, including accidents, repairs, and ownership.

How is a VIN defined for a HYUNDAI ACCENT?

The HYUNDAI ACCENT 2008 VIN, like any vehicle's identifier, merges signifiers for the nation of production, the producer, the type of vehicle, and year of model, along with a distinct serial number.

Why is it recommended checking the VIN on

Understanding VINs and the intricacies of auction operations is imperative. Conducting a VIN check COPART USA on platforms such as can bring to light critical safety recalls, concealed imperfections, and the comprehensive record of the vehicle, ensuring that purchasers are thoroughly informed in their selections.