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Copart USA


6,100 USD

Lot number Auction Status Date Amount
Copart USA
Sold 04/03/2024 6100$

Lot Information

Lot number







Retail value








Odometer, mi



2.4L 4



Drive line

Front-wheel Drive



Auction Sale statistic


For the period From : 2023-05 To: 2024-04

IAAI: 8 Lots

COPART: 47 Lots

Total: 55

AVG Price


April $3338 2 $4285 10
March $0 0 $4120 5
February $5250 1 $4125 4
January $0 0 $3550 1
December $0 0 $2825 2
November $0 0 $0 0
October $8525 2 $0 0
September $0 0 $3333 3
August $5238 2 $5117 3
July $0 0 $4513 4
June $0 0 $6725 6
May $16875 1 $6578 9

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No similar cars were found at the auction.

No similar cars were found at the auction.

No similar cars were found at the auction.

About Lot

COPART Bidding Details: 2019 ACURA TLX VIN 19UUB1F30KA008830

Diving into the quest of acquiring a previously valued vehicle, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) emerges as a foundation for those in the quest for their next automobile prize. This unique 17-character mark, exclusive to each vehicle, surpasses the ordinary, offering a plethora of information about the vehicle’s ancestry, details, and origins. Auction platforms such as COPART serve as a bustling arena, showcasing a spectrum of vehicles from the perfect to the diamond in the rough, all awaiting uncovery by discerning buyers. Grasping the essence of VINs alongside the nuances of auction dynamics is not just recommended, it’s fundamental for savvy participation.

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive exploration of the vehicle history for the 2019 ACURA TLX VIN number 19UUB1F30KA008830, where every critical technical specification has been thoroughly compiled for your convenience.

ACURA TLX with VIN 19UUB1F30KA008830: Full History Overview

Initiate a thorough vehicle history examination for the ACURA TLX 2019 using VIN 19UUB1F30KA008830. This report systematically examines key aspects that prospective owners or current owners must examine to accurately evaluate the vehicle’s state and value.

  • Market Value Assessment. The present market value of the 2019 ACURA TLX for sale is estimated at Car vin price is $6100, reflecting its standing in the competitive automotive market.
  • VIN-based Vehicle History. Investigating the VIN for the ACURA TLX 2019 results in an comprehensive report chronicling important historical events, vital for grasping the vehicle's overall state and backstory.
  • Repair Cost Estimation. Information into the possible costs for fixing any discovered damage is a key factor in the purchasing decision at auctions, offering a definite image of the cost implications.
  • Damage Overview. The report outlines that primary damage is FRONT END, when the secondary damage is damage essential information that affects both the vehicle's worth and the immediacy or extent of needed repairs.
  • Key Availability. Details on the presence of keys for the ACURA TLX 2019 is crucial, making it easier easier valuation and logistical planning post-purchase.
  • Operational Status. Ensuring that the 2019 ACURA TLX is operational and can start is vital, suggesting the vehicle's prompt usability.
  • Body Type Specification. Focus on the condition of the car's body. You can understand this by looking at the provided photos or going through the specifications.
  • Transmission Type. It features a AUTOMATIC transmission, an essential aspect affecting the vehicle's functionality.
  • Engine Specification. The vehicle is propelled by an 2.4L 4 engine, a major factor in its operational performance and performance attributes.

Each of these components has a critical role in the technical evaluation of the vehicle, offering a foundation for a knowledgeable decision-making process in the context of auctions or direct purchase.

Rigorous examination of these features will facilitate a sharper perception of the vehicle's technical and operational characteristics.

Total Information Summary for ACURA TLX VIN 19UUB1F30KA008830

The VIN check disclose a comprehensive narrative of the details and current state of the year make model up for grabs. Find all critical data about ACURA TLX VIN 19UUB1F30KA008830, easily aggregated for your consideration.

This automobile is a AUTOMOBILE model, crafted by the renowned ACURA company. Its version is TLX, manufactured in the year 2019. The unique vehicle identification number (VIN) assigned is 19UUB1F30KA008830. This vehicle was put up for sale at COPART USA, under the lot number 41912114.

It boasts a WHITE shade and RUNS AND DRIVES, signaling whether it is running. Every element, from the thunderous purr of the 2.4L 4 engine and the dynamics of its AUTOMATIC transmission to the style of its body type, contributes to the legend of an automobile that has journeyed byways and endured adventures. Now it Sold at Car vin price is $6100, trace its journey to this moment. The auction COPART beckons with a 04/03/2024

Embracing a vehicle, whether featuring an perfect service record or in requirement of TLC, necessitates a comprehensive review into its history. This granular VIN 19UUB1F30KA008830 history report unveils the vehicle’s biography, equipping potential buyers with the information for an informed decision. Ready to embark on new journeys, the VIN number ACURA TLX 2019, guarantees reliability, adventure, and performance.

VIN Clearance Services extends a bespoke service for those determined on curating their vehicle's historical timeline. This service is invaluable for boosting privacy, enhancing a vehicle's market appeal by erasing minor incident records, and ensuring the vehicle's history is as compelling as possible to prospective buyers.

Sticking to legal frameworks, provides a streamlined, user-centric experience, balancing privacy considerations with marketability through ethical service delivery. This service is a boon for vehicle owners keen on managing their vehicle's historical footprint with honesty.


What advantages does a VIN search on offer?

A VIN check COPART USA on provides a detailed vehicle history, including previous accidents, maintenances, and ownership changes, ensuring a forthright and knowledgeable purchase decision.

How can I uncover a vehicle's history using its VIN?

To uncover a vehicle's history using its VIN, input the VIN number into a reliable vehicle history report website like This will generate a thorough report outlining the vehicle's past.

What's the significance of a VIN on a ACURA TLX?

The significance of a VIN on a ACURA TLX lies in its ability to distinctly identify the vehicle, providing intelligence into its manufacturing details, specifications, and history, vital for confirming its authenticity and background.