CHRYSLER 300 C 2006 Dark Blue, VIN: 2C3LA63H66H102300 - Auto history




1,150 USD

Lot number Auction Status Date Amount
34083180 IAAI On approval 27/01/2023 1150$
34083180 IAAI Not sold 20/01/2023 1050$

Lot Information

Lot number





State Farm Group Insurance


Las Vegas (NV)

Retail value






Front End

Odometer, mi






Drive line

Rear Wheel Drive


Automatic Transmission

Auction Sale statistic

CHRYSLER 300 LX 2006

For the period From : 2022-02 To: 2023-01

IAAI: 223 Lots

COPART: 458 Lots

Total: 681

AVG Price

CHRYSLER 300 LX 2006

January $1513 2 $883 20
December $1219 4 $911 29
November $1494 4 $990 27
October $1375 3 $1049 34
September $1267 13 $1029 32
August $1184 23 $1049 51
July $955 32 $1020 46
June $839 27 $1220 26
May $1006 27 $1163 50
April $1027 30 $1055 44
March $1115 42 $1216 47
February $980 16 $1291 52

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No similar cars were found at the auction.

No similar cars were found at the auction.

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