CHEVROLET C/K2500 2500 2014 WHITE, VIN: 3GCUKREH3EG197893 - Auto history

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Copart USA


10,400 USD

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Copart USA
Sold 26/10/2022 10400$

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IL -



Odometer, mi



4.3L 6



Drive line

4x4 w/Rear Wheel Drv



Auction Sale statistic

CHEVROLET C/K2500 1500 LT 2014

For the period From : 2022-01 To: 2022-12

IAAI: 756 Lots

COPART: 1732 Lots

Total: 2488

AVG Price

CHEVROLET C/K2500 1500 LT 2014

December $7665 43 $5946 114
November $7930 34 $6802 111
October $6655 23 $7389 126
September $8162 37 $6947 152
August $7281 65 $6977 172
July $6846 58 $7379 133
June $6796 85 $7331 154
May $6899 111 $7614 164
April $7513 88 $7736 169
March $7785 112 $7924 173
February $8689 57 $8114 142
January $8723 43 $7750 122

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No similar cars were found at the auction.

No similar cars were found at the auction.

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