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Lot Information

Lot#: 32083787
VIN: GE24884
Date: Users only
Location: Newburgh (NY)
Retail value: 7,960 USD

Odometer, mi: 9,208
Engine: Unknown Unknown
Fuel: Unknown
Drive line:
Transmission: Unknown

Damage: Flood , All Over
Run and Drive: Stationary

Auction: IAAI
Date: Users only
Location: Newburgh (NY)

About Lot

Now the auction will be running for the car TRIUMPH T100 BONNEVILLE 1971, lot 32083787. To your attention a fancy car with all the conveniences. Completely high-quality assembly, Unknown engine, additional functions - and the car can be yours.

On the day of the trading date future, you only need to be an active participant. To do this, just register. It will take less than a minute - and you are almost winners.

Auction in the USA allows you to buy a car on good terms - from the price to the condition and quality of transport with VIN: GE24884.

We send all bidders a document with information on the proposed car. You can familiarize yourself with the history of the car in more detail, for example: state: Stationary, damage: Flood, transmission: Unknown and so on.

We only work with legal auctions, so you don't have to worry about the result. If you win, the car is yours!

Don't miss the auction, because you have a chance to become the owner of a beautiful car TRIUMPH T100 BONNEVILLE 1971 at an affordable price. It will be a real gift for any fan of good cars.