1,200 USD

Lot number Auction Status Date Amount
38637654 IAAI Sold 12/02/2024 1200$

Lot Information

Lot number






Fremont (CA)

Retail value





Clear (California)


Front End , UNKNOWN

Odometer, mi



2.0L I-4 DOHC, VVT, 148HP



Drive line

Front Wheel Drive



Auction Sale statistic


For the period From : 2023-07 To: 2024-06

IAAI: 65 Lots

COPART: 128 Lots

Total: 193

AVG Price


June $2206 4 $1950 13
May $1802 11 $1326 18
April $1645 14 $1377 21
March $1898 11 $1565 21
February $2000 8 $1098 14
January $2275 1 $3550 1
December $0 0 $0 0
November $0 0 $2350 1
October $1625 5 $776 2
September $1625 3 $1650 3
August $1854 7 $1644 18
July $3100 1 $1589 16

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No similar cars were found at the auction.

No similar cars were found at the auction.

No similar cars were found at the auction.

About Lot

Bidding Overview: 2016 MITSUBISHI LANCER with VIN JA32U2FU2GU002420 at IAAI

A VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), also known as a distinct (ID number, is assigned to each automobile in production. It consists of 17 symbols, incorporating numbers and letters, and encapsulates information about the maker, the car's features and its past. The 2016 MITSUBISHI LANCER VIN number JA32U2FU2GU002420 is used to identify cars, check their past, including whether the car has been taken, involved in collisions and what its service history is.

Car auctions, or automobile marketplaces, are sites where vehicles can be purchased or sold. IAAI USA can be for used cars, including those that have been harmed or written off by insurance companies. Joining IAAI provides an opportunity to acquire a vehicle at a reduced price, but demands careful examination of bids.

Comprehensive History Report for MITSUBISHI LANCER VIN: JA32U2FU2GU002420

Let's craft a detailed vehicle history report for the MITSUBISHI LANCER 2016 with VIN JA32U2FU2GU002420 This report includes reviewing key features that potential buyers or owners must consider when evaluating a vehicle.

  • Retail Value. The approximated current market value of this MITSUBISHI LANCER is Car vin price is $1200.
  • Vehicle History Check. The VIN number MITSUBISHI LANCER 2016 gives a comprehensive report that reflects past events vital to understanding the overall condition of the car.
  • Cost of Repair. Knowing how much it may amount to fix a car if damage is found is one of the key elements of buying at auction.
  • Description of Damage. After a detailed examination 2016 MITSUBISHI LANCER, it was determined that the significant damage to the vehicle was in the Front End zone. When dealing with secondary damages, it has UNKNOWN.
  • Availability of Keys. The report shows the key availability for MITSUBISHI LANCER 2016. It eases the valuation and transportation process after purchase.
  • Ability to Move and Start. It is vital to note that the 2016 MITSUBISHI LANCER for sale Stationary.
  • Body Type. This MITSUBISHI LANCER 2016 details of its body type can be seen in the photos provided as part of the auction.
  • Transmission type: The vehicle is features a Manual transmission.
  • Engine type: The MITSUBISHI LANCER is features an 2.0L I-4 DOHC, VVT, 148HP engine.

Each of these items plays an essential role in determining the true value of the vehicle and its potential in the marketplace. Diligently analyzing these characteristics will give a more knowledgeable decision when participating in an auction or acquiring a vehicle.

Complete Vehicle Profile: MITSUBISHI LANCER VIN JA32U2FU2GU002420

In the course of choosing a car such as MITSUBISHI LANCER 2016, potential buyers are given the chance to learn many details of lot 38637654 that reveal a complete portrait of the vehicle's condition and characteristics. As of today, this vehicle is Sold.

The mileage of a car carries information not only about its degradation, but also about the intensity of its use by former owners. The appearance and possible applications of AUTOMOBILE depend on its body type. The vehicle has Silver color and Stationary, indicating whether it is in running condition. The choice of Manual gearbox, is vital for those who value a certain type of driving.

Finally, 2.0L I-4 DOHC, VVT, 148HP engine of this car determines not only the operational expenses, but also affects the ecological footprint that the car leaves. Remember, 2016 MITSUBISHI LANCER for sale will be up for sale as of 12/02/2024.

The Vehicle Identity Number Erasure Service provides a service to erase VIN number details from various databases, potentially beneficial for improving the profile of a vehicle's history prior to sale. Yet, employing such services requires comprehension of the legal aspects and possible repercussions.


What does the VIN mean for a MITSUBISHI LANCER?

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) for a MITSUBISHI LANCER 2016 is a unique code that carries information about the car's manufacturer, model, year of manufacture, and more.

What are the benefits of using to check VIN? allow access to enormous database, the opportunity to get to know detailed vehicle history, including previous sales, accidents, and service for VIN check IAAI USA.

How do I search for a vehicle's history by VIN?

While there are numerous options to consider when researching a car’s history, VIN check websites can help you gather the required data to make an informed decision when buying a vehicle.