Lot number Auction Status Date Amount
Copart USA
Sold 27/02/2024 425$
31067091 IAAI Sold 08/10/2021 1450$
31067091 IAAI Not sold 06/10/2021 725$
31067091 IAAI Not sold 29/09/2021 1200$

Lot Information

Lot number







Retail value








Odometer, mi



3.5L 6



Drive line

All wheel drive



Auction Sale statistic


For the period From : 2023-06 To: 2024-05

IAAI: 50 Lots

COPART: 105 Lots

Total: 155

AVG Price


May $697 15 $483 10
April $856 9 $868 20
March $1000 3 $885 20
February $1164 7 $776 24
January $0 0 $0 0
December $600 1 $0 0
November $0 0 $0 0
October $600 2 $0 0
September $1038 4 $0 0
August $808 9 $847 8
July $0 0 $661 11
June $0 0 $1015 12

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No similar cars were found at the auction.

No similar cars were found at the auction.

No similar cars were found at the auction.

About Lot

2008 INFINITI FX35 VIN: JNRAS08W18X205143 Auction Data at COPART

A VIN identifier, also known as a vehicle identification number, is a unique and specific encryption that discloses vital characteristics about a automobile. This sequence contains the INFINITI FX35 identity, giving details about make, year, assembly plant, engine specification, and more.

Using a VIN number INFINITI FX35 2008 offers bidders a chance to thoroughly check out history of the vehicle of interest before bidding. This guarantees transparency in the transaction and helps mitigate the potential risks associated with purchasing a damaged or legally challenged vehicle.

Car auctions, such as COPART, serve as a platform for the sale of pre-owned vehicles, allowing buyers to bid on various makes and models of cars from around the world. Through the VIN JNRAS08W18X205143, future owners of INFINITI FX35 2008 can receive a complete map of the condition of the vehicle before the sale, which is an indispensable tool when making a deal in the buying process.

Making a Conscious choice is an integral part of a wise investment at COPART USA. And the 2008 INFINITI FX35 VIN number JNRAS08W18X205143 represents a significant value in that process.

Detailed Report: INFINITI FX35, VIN JNRAS08W18X205143 History

When evaluating a vehicle INFINITI FX35 with VIN JNRAS08W18X205143, you should carefully consider the following key features:

  • Make and Model - Check that the car are suitable.
  • Year of manufacture - it indicates a lot about the potential wear and tear and relevance of the vehicle's technology.
  • Keys - Having the original keys often indicates that the car has been well maintained and can prevent additional costs.
  • Type of Damage - The types and severity of primary damage as well as secondary damage can significantly affect the cost of repairs and the safety of the vehicle.
  • Repair Cost - Assess the repair cost estimate from the insurance company to the potential market value of the vehicle.
  • Market Value - Price in Car vin price is $425 gives you the opportunity to compare the price to the current value.
  • Operational status - Check if INFINITI FX35 was in running condition.
  • Body - The car's body type will influence the overall performance and usability of the car.
  • Color - color is crucial in terms of aesthetics and buyer preference.
  • Engine and Transmission Type - Its play a major role in a vehicle's dynamic performance and fuel economy.
  • Full list of model and specification packages - Check out the full list of model specifications. For complete information, look at the window sticker to see what optional extras are included.
  • Photos - Examine the condition of the vehicle in the photos provided to visually verify all of the above information.

INFINITI FX35 VIN JNRAS08W18X205143: Full Vehicle Insights

By entering VIN JNRAS08W18X205143 you get all the crucial information about that lot. This car is currently Sold. The auction is scheduled for 27/02/2024.

2008 INFINITI FX35 for sale provides a complete understanding of condition and performance. This vehicle is a AUTOMOBILE, produced by the renowned INFINITI company. Its model is FX35, released in the year 2008. The distinctive vehicle identification number (VIN) assigned is JNRAS08W18X205143. This vehicle was offered for sale at an auction, under the lot number 41417424.

It boasts a BLACK color and ENHANCED VEHICLES, indicating whether it is operational. During the inspection, a detailed assessment uncovered that the vehicle's most significant damage is located in the FRONT END area. Additionally, it was identified that the minor damage is UNDERCARRIAGE.

The INFINITI FX35 2008 is equipped with AUTOMATIC transmission, which influences its handling and driving comfort. The 3.5L 6 engine provides sufficient power and efficiency, be it for urban conditions or more demanding journeys.

Note that the actual value of the vehicle may depend on current market conditions and will differ from the original recommended retail price. Adding additional accessories or rare configurations can also significantly affect the value and appeal of the INFINITI FX35 in the marketplace.

Always examine detailed photos and documentation. To get the best idea of the condition automobile, do the VIN check before making a purchase.To get the most accurate idea of the automobile's condition, do a VIN check before committing to buy.

The VIN Cleaner Service

A VIN clearing service such as HideAutoVin provides a service aimed at erasing vehicle history from various online databases. Car owners and dealers may use such services to remove references to certain vehicle history information, particularly if the vehicle history contains irrelevant information that may affect the value of the vehicle or the perception of potential buyers.

Customers hoping to use or a similar service must provide the VIN number of the vehicle, after which the service will perform the clearance process according to their methods.


How to identify the VIN on a INFINITI FX35?

Checking the VIN on website doesn't just uncover the vehicle's past history; it gives confidence of purchase. Enter VIN JNRAS08W18X205143 and get access to all the information you need to understand INFINITI FX35, including the car's condition at the time of sale and data on previous auctions.

How do I look up a vehicle's history with its VIN?

Your key is the VIN code. Users of platform can easily discover every aspect of INFINITI FX35 history, simply using the unique vehicle identifier.

Why choose for your VIN lookup needs?

A VIN number is more than just a set of characters; it's a comprehensive dossier on your car. From accident history to service records, the VIN reveals the information you need to make wise choices when buying.