Opel Vivaro 2015 White, VIN: W0L3F7002FV629479 - Auto history


Copart ESP


2,000 EUR

Lot number Auction Status Date Amount
Copart ESP
Sold 05/10/2021 2000$

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Retail value






Parte Trasera , Parte Delantera

Odometer, mi






Drive line

Tracción Delantera


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No similar cars were found at the auction.

No similar cars were found at the auction.

About Lot

Opel Vivaro 2015 VIN: W0L3F7002FV629479 bid history at COPART SPAIN

We provide a wide type of BOX TRUCKS including Opel Vivaro 2015 with VIN number W0L3F7002FV629479, lot number 50125879, primary damage Parte Trasera and secondary damage Parte Delantera. All of them are obtainable for purchase at COPART SPAIN auction in COPART ESP.

Our website provides all the details about the records of 2015 Opel Vivaro automobiles with VIN code W0L3F7002FV629479, car features Opel Vivaro 2015 White, and the cost history at COPART SPAIN auction.

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