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Copart USA


32,500 USD

Lot number Auction Status Date Amount
Copart USA
Sold 21/05/2024 32500$

Lot Information

Lot number







Retail value







Odometer, mi



4.4L 8



Drive line

All wheel drive



Auction Sale statistic

BMW M8 8-SERIES 2020

For the period From : 2023-06 To: 2024-05

IAAI: 15 Lots

COPART: 38 Lots

Total: 53

AVG Price

BMW M8 8-SERIES 2020

May $31600 3 $30825 8
April $22150 2 $32442 6
March $21325 2 $38786 7
February $36565 5 $51583 3
January $0 0 $0 0
December $0 0 $0 0
November $0 0 $0 0
October $0 0 $0 0
September $0 0 $39438 4
August $33000 3 $41438 4
July $0 0 $26525 2
June $0 0 $31250 4

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No similar cars were found at the auction.

No similar cars were found at the auction.

No similar cars were found at the auction.

About Lot

Auction Activity for 2020 BMW M8 (VIN: WBSDZ0C01LCD94139) at COPART

In the context of bidding in auctions for cars like 2020 BMW M8 vin number WBSDZ0C01LCD94139 at COPART, grasping the importance of a VIN and the role of auctions in the automotive industry is vital.

Several automobile industry aspects depend on VINs. Car owners necessitate a VIN to register, insure, or acquire a vehicle history record. The VIN helps auction purchasers verify vehicles and investigate backgrounds, lessening the hazards of purchasing a pre-owned car.

Car auctions enable vendors to reach a broad audience. Auction cars may be new, used, post-accident, or written-off. Auctions attract individual purchasers and professional dealers, who evaluate each item based on its traits, condition, and VIN.

COPART USA offers various items, including a 2020 BMW M8 for sale under lot number 47342044. Use the VIN WBSDZ0C01LCD94139 to check this vehicle's complete history, knowing that every piece of information helps auction bidders decide more effectively.

Full History Check for BMW M8, VIN WBSDZ0C01LCD94139

When examining the history of BMW M8 2020, you should note key features:

  • Vehicle Type: AUTOMOBILE;
  • Make: BMW;
  • Model: M8;
  • Year of Manufacture: 2020;
  • VIN: WBSDZ0C01LCD94139;
  • Lot Number: 47342044;
  • Primary damage: FRONT END;
  • Secondary damage: SIDE;
  • Driving Ability: RUNS AND DRIVES;
  • Sale Price: Car vin price is $32500;
  • Auction: COPART.

All of this data is crucial in evaluating and deciding the value and feasibility of acquiring a VIN number BMW M8 2020 car at auction. Potential buyers are encouraged to take into account each of these aspects to get a comprehensive understanding of the car's condition.

Full Spectrum of Info on BMW M8 VIN WBSDZ0C01LCD94139

Assessing a 2020 BMW M8 for sale, necessitates a more thorough exploration beyond simple specifications. Gaining an extensive overview assists in forming a detailed picture of the vehicle's condition. The BMW M8 2020, key for determining its legal standing, reveals its historical backdrop.

Positioned as a AUTOMOBILE, this creation from the esteemed BMW brand presents the model M8, launched in 2020. Its allocated VIN is WBSDZ0C01LCD94139, and it was announced for auction with the lot number 47342044.

During the inspection, a comprehensive analysis showed that the vehicle's most significant damage is situated in the FRONT END area. Moreover, it was observed that secondary damage is SIDE.

Exhibiting a BLUE paint and RUNS AND DRIVES indicating whether it is running status. Equipped with an 4.4L 8 engine and having a AUTOMATIC transmission, this gem was concluded at the COPART USA on 21/05/2024. Valued at Car vin price is $32500, the vehicle with VIN WBSDZ0C01LCD94139 was recorded as Sold regarding its sale status, giving an unequivocal view at its present condition.

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What details can I find in the VIN of a BMW M8?

In the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of a BMW M8 you'll locate exclusive details such as the country of manufacture, year of manufacture, type of engine, transmission type, and other crucial vehicle features and options.

What's the best way to find a vehicle's history with a VIN?

The best way to find a VIN check COPART USA is to use online vehicle history service that supply reports based on the VIN entered. They can give information about previous owners, accidents, repairs, and more.

What value does provide in VIN searches? delivers an extensive database able to offering detailed vehicle history reports, covering previous sales, reported accidents, insurance claim details, and maintenance records. This increases transparency when purchasing a used car.