BMW X3 3.0SI 2007 Blue, VIN: WBXPC934X7WF00382 - Auto history




975 USD

Lot number Auction Status Date Amount
34215987 IAAI Sold 25/11/2022 975$

Lot Information

Lot number





State Farm Group Insurance


East Bay (CA)

Retail value






Front End , Left & Right Side

Odometer, mi






Drive line

All Wheel Drive



Auction Sale statistic

BMW X3 3.0SI SAV 2007

For the period From : 2022-03 To: 2023-02

IAAI: 155 Lots

COPART: 357 Lots

Total: 512

AVG Price

BMW X3 3.0SI SAV 2007

February $805 16 $882 37
January $600 1 $833 19
December $1213 4 $852 16
November $1031 4 $891 22
October $1240 5 $1059 35
September $1400 1 $933 19
August $1028 10 $948 36
July $910 22 $819 31
June $863 15 $1120 25
May $1124 29 $1213 34
April $1082 17 $1367 42
March $1278 31 $1221 41

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No similar cars were found at the auction.

No similar cars were found at the auction.

About Lot

BMW X3 2007 VIN: WBXPC934X7WF00382 bid history at IAAI

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