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Copart USA


7,900 USD

Ბევრი ნომერი აუქციონი სტატუსი თარიღი თანხა
Copart USA
Sold 16/04/2024 7900$
38163941 IAAI Sold 07/03/2024 5100$

ბევრი ინფორმაცია

Ბევრი ნომერი







შეფასებული მნიშვნელობა







გარბენი, მილი



2.4L 4



წამყვანი მოწყობილობა

Rear-wheel drive



Auction Sale statistic


პერიოდისთვის დან : 2023-07 რომ: 2024-06

IAAI: 9 Lots

COPART: 14 Lots

სულ: 23

AVG Price


თვე IAAI დათვალეთ IAAI COPART დათვალეთ COPART
June $13025 1 $5400 1
May $0 0 $3242 3
April $5200 2 $7063 4
March $5100 1 $4800 1
February $6400 1 $5900 2
January $0 0 $0 0
December $0 0 $0 0
November $0 0 $0 0
October $6800 1 $0 0
September $0 0 $0 0
August $6217 3 $6200 1
July $0 0 $10400 2

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StatVin.Tool - ხელსაწყო სააუქციო შესავალით
  • მანქანის VIN კოდის, გაყიდვების ტიპის, გაყიდვების დაკითხვის, გამოსასვლელი ბიდების რაოდენობის სრული ჩვენება (IAAI-სთვის)
  • მანქანის დაწინაურების ისტორია Copart-ში და IAAI-ში განცხადებებზე
  • კატალოგი მანქანის ნაწილების ნომრებით
  • მანქანის ტექნი

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უახლოეს მომავალში აქტიური მანქანებით ვაჭრობა არ ხდება.

უახლოეს მომავალში აქტიური მანქანებით ვაჭრობა არ ხდება.

ლოტის შესახებ

Bid Analysis: 2023 SUBARU BRZ (VIN: JF1ZDBB12P9701325) at COPART

If you wish to uncover all about a vehicle, such as VIN number SUBARU BRZ 2023, and research its bidding history, our service can offer detailed reports that will make your search for information easier and faster.

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Auctions for cars are places where vehicles are sold through open bidding. Often at auctions, you can find cars that have been repossessed after being leased, have been in accidents, or have been repossessed from previous owners. Tracking the 2023 SUBARU BRZ VIN number JF1ZDBB12P9701325 bid history helps you grasp the true condition of the vehicle, including information about primary and secondary damage along with the final selling price.

Details on previous bids for SUBARU BRZ at auction COPART can show potential trends in pricing. By analyzing lot number and other parameters such as date and sale status, buyers and sellers can improve their bidding strategies.

SUBARU BRZ VIN JF1ZDBB12P9701325: Historical Report and Analysis

When investigating the history of a vehicle SUBARU BRZ with VIN JF1ZDBB12P9701325, it is important to concentrate on the following aspects:

  • Vehicle Type: AUTOMOBILE;
  • Make: SUBARU;
  • Model: BRZ;
  • Year: 2023;
  • VIN number: JF1ZDBB12P9701325;
  • Lot Number: 47497294;
  • Type of primary damage: FRONT END;
  • Type of secondary damage: ;
  • Driving Ability: RUNS AND DRIVES;
  • Type of gearbox: MANUAL;
  • Engine type: 2.4L 4;
  • Sale Price: ;
  • Auction name: COPART.

This thorough information sheet gives the foundation for an exact appraisal VIN check using service. Employing the listed aspects as a guide in the appraisal report offers an comprehensive and honest review for potential buyers or sellers.

SUBARU BRZ VIN JF1ZDBB12P9701325: Everything Covered

When considering a 2023 SUBARU BRZ for sale, in addition to basic information, it's vital to take into account additional details that together provide a complete picture of the vehicle. The SUBARU BRZ 2023 can reveal its current legal status and background information. Each vehicle at auction is assigned a unique lot number, in this case 47497294, that is used to identify it during the bidding process.

This creation from the renowned make SUBARU presents the model BRZ, which was introduced in 2023. It is categorized as a AUTOMOBILE. This item was promoted for auction with the lot number 47497294, and its given VIN is JF1ZDBB12P9701325.

The analysis revealed that the FRONT END area contains the vehicle's major damage, which was found during the inspection. Additionally, it has been observed that subsequent damage is .

It is powered by a 2.4L 4 engine and features a MANUAL gearbox.

The automobile comes in a WHITE shade and RUNS AND DRIVES, suggesting its functionality. This specimen was originally Sold at the COPART USA on 16/04/2024. The car with the VIN JF1ZDBB12P9701325 was valued at and offered an unmistakable view into its current condition.

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