LEXUS LX 450 1996 Gold, VIN: JT6HJ88J2T0140218





2,050 USD

Ბევრი ნომერი აუქციონი სტატუსი თარიღი თანხა
38694274 IAAI Sold 27/02/2024 2050$

ბევრი ინფორმაცია

Ბევრი ნომერი





Progressive Casualty Insurance


Tampa (FL)

შეფასებული მნიშვნელობა





Other (Florida)


Front & Rear , UNKNOWN

გარბენი, მილი



4.5L I6 FI DOHC 24V F



წამყვანი მოწყობილობა

All-Wheel Drive



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პერიოდისთვის დან : 2023-05 რომ: 2024-04

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ლოტის შესახებ

Bidding Overview: 1996 LEXUS LX with VIN JT6HJ88J2T0140218 at IAAI

A VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), also known as a specific (identification number, is assigned to each automobile during production. It comprises 17 symbols, including digits and letters, and contains details about the maker, the vehicle's characteristics and its history. The 1996 LEXUS LX VIN number JT6HJ88J2T0140218 is used to recognize vehicles, check their history, such as whether the car has been taken, involved in collisions and what its service history is.

Car auctions, or vehicle marketplaces, are sites where vehicles can be purchased or sold. IAAI USA is for used cars, featuring those that have been harmed or totaled by insurers. Joining IAAI offers an chance to purchase a vehicle at a lower price, but demands careful examination of bids.

Comprehensive History Report for LEXUS LX VIN: JT6HJ88J2T0140218

Let's create a detailed vehicle history report for the LEXUS LX 1996 with VIN JT6HJ88J2T0140218 This report entails examining key attributes that prospective buyers or owners must consider when judging a vehicle.

  • Retail Value. The approximated current market value of this LEXUS LX is .
  • Vehicle History Check. The VIN number LEXUS LX 1996 offers a comprehensive report that reveals past incidents important to understanding the total condition of the car.
  • Cost of Repair. Knowing how much it may amount to repair a car if damage is found is one of the key elements of purchasing at auction.
  • Description of Damage. After a detailed examination 1996 LEXUS LX, it was determined that the major damage to the vehicle was in the Front & Rear zone. When dealing with secondary damages, it has UNKNOWN.
  • Availability of Keys. The report shows the key presence for LEXUS LX 1996. It facilitates the valuation and transit process after acquisition.
  • Ability to Move and Start. It is crucial to mention that the 1996 LEXUS LX for sale .
  • Body Type. This LEXUS LX 1996 details of its body type can be seen in the photos provided as part of the auction.
  • Transmission type: The vehicle is features a Unknown transmission.
  • Engine type: The LEXUS LX is features an 4.5L I6 FI DOHC 24V F engine.

Each of these items acts as an crucial role in evaluating the true value of the vehicle and its potential in the marketplace. Diligently examining these characteristics will offer a more informed decision when participating in an auction or buying a vehicle.

Complete Vehicle Profile: LEXUS LX VIN JT6HJ88J2T0140218

In the course of choosing a car such as LEXUS LX 1996, potential buyers are offered the opportunity to find out many details of lot 38694274 that uncover a complete portrait of the vehicle's condition and features. As of today, this vehicle is Sold.

The mileage of a car carries information not only about its wear and tear, but also about the extent of its use by previous owners. The appearance and possible applications of AUTOMOBILE depend on its body type. The vehicle has Gold color and , indicating whether it is in running condition. The choice of Unknown gearbox, is crucial for those who value a certain type of driving.

Finally, 4.5L I6 FI DOHC 24V F engine of this car defines not only the operational expenses, but also affects the ecological footprint that the car leaves. Remember, 1996 LEXUS LX for sale will be up for sale as of 27/02/2024.

The Vehicle Identity Number Erasure Service provides a service to delete VIN number details from various databases, potentially helpful for boosting the profile of a vehicle's history prior to sale. Yet, utilizing such services necessitates comprehension of the legal aspects and foreseeable repercussions.


What does the VIN mean for a LEXUS LX?

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) for a LEXUS LX 1996 is a unique code that carries information about the car's manufacturer, model, year of manufacture, and more.

What are the benefits of using to check VIN? provides large database, allowing to get to know exhaustive vehicle history, containing past sales, accidents, and service for VIN check IAAI USA.

How do I search for a vehicle's history by VIN?

While there are numerous options to consider when exploring a car’s history, VIN check websites can help you gather the required information to make an informed decision when purchasing a vehicle.