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Copart USA


325 USD

Número de lote Leilão Estado Data Montante
Copart USA
Sold 20/05/2024 325$

Informação sobre o lote

Número de lote








Valor estimado








Quilometragem, milhas



3.8L 6



Unidade de acionamento

Front-wheel Drive



Auction Sale statistic


Para o período de : 2023-06 Para: 2024-05

IAAI: 53 Lots

COPART: 100 Lots

Total: 153

AVG Price


May $462 13 $411 14
April $565 10 $571 17
March $478 8 $535 20
February $597 9 $495 16
January $425 1 $0 0
December $0 0 $0 0
November $213 2 $0 0
October $0 0 $0 0
September $0 0 $738 2
August $1184 8 $581 9
July $438 2 $388 8
June $0 0 $661 14

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Sobre Lot

COPART Bidding Details: 2006 HYUNDAI AZERA VIN KMHFC46F56A127863

Diving into the journey of acquiring a previously loved vehicle, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) emerges as a keystone for those in the quest for their next automobile jewel. This unique 17-character code, unique to each vehicle, transcends the ordinary, offering a plethora of information about the vehicle’s history, features, and origins. Auction platforms such as COPART serve as a vibrant marketplace, showcasing a spectrum of vehicles from the perfect to the diamond in the rough, all awaiting exploration by judicious buyers. Understanding the essence of VINs alongside the nuances of auction dynamics is not just recommended, it’s fundamental for smart participation.

Immerse yourself in a detailed exploration of the vehicle history for the 2006 HYUNDAI AZERA VIN number KMHFC46F56A127863, where every critical technical specification has been meticulously compiled for your benefit.

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  • Body Type Specification. Take note of the condition of the car's body. You can grasp this by examining the provided photos or reading the specifications.
  • Transmission Type. It features a AUTOMATIC transmission, an vital aspect affecting the vehicle's operation.
  • Engine Specification. The vehicle is propelled by an 3.8L 6 engine, a noteworthy factor in its operational performance and performance characteristics.

Each of these components plays a critical role in the technical analysis of the vehicle, providing a foundation for a informed decision-making method in the context of auctions or direct purchase.

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Total Information Summary for HYUNDAI AZERA VIN KMHFC46F56A127863

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This vehicle is a AUTOMOBILE type, crafted by the renowned HYUNDAI company. Its model is AZERA, released in the year 2006. The distinctive vehicle identification number (VIN) assigned is KMHFC46F56A127863. This vehicle was put up for sale at COPART USA, under the lot number 42844434.

It features a SILVER color and ENGINE START PROGRAM, indicating whether it is operational. Every component, from the powerful roar of the 3.8L 6 engine and the efficiency of its AUTOMATIC transmission to the style of its body type, contributes to the tale of an automobile that has travelled byways and braved adventures. Now it Sold at , follow its journey to this moment. The auction COPART beckons with a 20/05/2024

Embracing a vehicle, whether featuring an exemplary service record or in requirement of tender loving care, necessitates a comprehensive review into its records. This granular VIN KMHFC46F56A127863 history report unveils the vehicle’s life story, providing potential buyers with the knowledge for an informed decision. Ready to embark on new paths, the VIN number HYUNDAI AZERA 2006, assures reliability, adventure, and performance.

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What advantages does a VIN search on offer?

A VIN check COPART USA on provides a detailed vehicle history, including previous accidents, repairs, and ownership changes, ensuring a forthright and knowledgeable purchase decision.

How can I uncover a vehicle's history using its VIN?

To uncover a vehicle's history using its VIN, type in the VIN into a trusted vehicle history report website like This will generate a thorough report outlining the vehicle's past.

What's the significance of a VIN on a HYUNDAI AZERA?

The significance of a VIN on a HYUNDAI AZERA lies in its ability to distinctly identify the vehicle, offering insights into its manufacturing details, specifications, and history, essential for verifying its authenticity and background.