BMW 3 SERIES 330E 2017 WHITE, VIN: WBA8E1C36HA156613



Copart USA


4,000 USD

Número de lote Leilão Estado Data Montante
Copart USA
Sold 17/05/2024 4000$

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Número de lote







Valor estimado





FL -



Quilometragem, milhas



2.0L 4



Unidade de acionamento

Rear-wheel drive



Auction Sale statistic

BMW 3 SERIES 330E 2017

Para o período de : 2023-06 Para: 2024-05

IAAI: 28 Lots

COPART: 51 Lots

Total: 79

AVG Price

BMW 3 SERIES 330E 2017

May $5329 6 $4503 10
April $5416 8 $5939 9
March $4683 3 $5440 5
February $3075 1 $4400 8
January $0 0 $0 0
December $1975 1 $0 0
November $0 0 $0 0
October $0 0 $0 0
September $4425 1 $2150 2
August $7229 7 $5550 4
July $2925 1 $7400 9
June $0 0 $7400 4

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Bidding Overview: 2017 BMW 3 SERIES with VIN WBA8E1C36HA156613 at COPART

A VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), also known as a unique (ID number, is assigned to each vehicle in manufacture. It comprises 17 symbols, including digits and letters, and holds details about the maker, the vehicle's characteristics and its history. The 2017 BMW 3 SERIES VIN number WBA8E1C36HA156613 is used to recognize cars, check their history, such as whether the car has been stolen, involved in accidents and what its maintenance record is.

Car auctions, or vehicle platforms, are venues where cars can be acquired or sold. COPART USA can be for pre-owned cars, featuring those that have been harmed or totaled by insurance companies. Joining COPART provides an opportunity to acquire a vehicle at a reduced price, but necessitates thorough checking of bids.

Comprehensive History Report for BMW 3 SERIES VIN: WBA8E1C36HA156613

Let's create a detailed vehicle history report for the BMW 3 SERIES 2017 with VIN WBA8E1C36HA156613 This report entails analyzing key features that potential buyers or owners must consider when assessing a car.

  • Retail Value. The estimated current market value of this BMW 3 SERIES is .
  • Vehicle History Check. The VIN number BMW 3 SERIES 2017 offers a comprehensive report that shows past incidents important to comprehending the overall condition of the car.
  • Cost of Repair. Understanding how much it may cost to repair a car if damage is found is one of the key elements of purchasing at auction.
  • Description of Damage. When checked 2017 BMW 3 SERIES, it was determined that the major damage to the vehicle was in the FRONT END zone. When dealing with secondary damages, it has .
  • Availability of Keys. The report shows the key presence for BMW 3 SERIES 2017. It eases the appraisal and transit process after purchase.
  • Ability to Move and Start. It is essential to mention that the 2017 BMW 3 SERIES for sale ENHANCED VEHICLES.
  • Body Type. This BMW 3 SERIES 2017 details of its body type can be seen in the photos provided as part of the auction.
  • Transmission type: The vehicle is equipped with a AUTOMATIC transmission.
  • Engine type: The BMW 3 SERIES is equipped with an 2.0L 4 engine.

Each of these items plays an crucial role in assessing the true value of the vehicle and its potential in the marketplace. Diligently examining these features will offer a more knowledgeable decision when participating in an auction or acquiring a vehicle.

Complete Vehicle Profile: BMW 3 SERIES VIN WBA8E1C36HA156613

In the process of choosing a car such as BMW 3 SERIES 2017, potential buyers are provided the chance to find out many details of lot 50791344 that disclose a complete picture of the vehicle's condition and characteristics. As of today, this vehicle is Sold.

The mileage of a car holds information not only about its wear and tear, but also about the intensity of its use by former owners. The appearance and possible applications of AUTOMOBILE depend on its body type. The vehicle has WHITE color and ENHANCED VEHICLES, indicating whether it is in running condition. The choice of AUTOMATIC gearbox, is important for those who appreciate a certain type of driving.

Finally, 2.0L 4 engine of this car defines not only the running costs, but also affects the ecological footprint that the car leaves. Remember, 2017 BMW 3 SERIES for sale will be up for sale as of 17/05/2024.

The Vehicle Identity Number Erasure Service provides a service to delete VIN number details from various databases, potentially helpful for improving the profile of a vehicle's history prior to sale. Yet, employing such services necessitates comprehension of the legal aspects and potential repercussions.


What does the VIN mean for a BMW 3 SERIES?

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) for a BMW 3 SERIES 2017 is a unique code that carries information about the car's manufacturer, model, year of manufacture, and more.

What are the benefits of using to check VIN? allow access to extensive database, the opportunity to get to know complete vehicle history, including earlier sales, accidents, and service for VIN check COPART USA.

How do I search for a vehicle's history by VIN?

While there are numerous choices to consider when exploring a car’s history, VIN check websites can assist you compile the required facts to make an informed decision when acquiring a vehicle.