LEXUS RX300 RX 300 2001 GOLD, VIN: JTJHF10U010175986

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Номер лота Аукцион Статус Дата Сумма
Copart USA
Sold 22/04/2024 650$
Copart USA
Sold 11/10/2023 900$

Информация о лоте

Номер лота







Оценочная стоимость








Пробег, миль



3.0L 6




All wheel drive

Коробка передач


Auction Sale statistic

LEXUS RX300 300 2001

За период с : 2023-06 По: 2024-05

IAAI: 81 Lots

COPART: 159 Lots

Всего: 240

AVG Price

LEXUS RX300 300 2001

May $616 17 $472 19
April $622 19 $578 21
March $708 10 $549 23
February $556 16 $591 22
January $0 0 $0 0
December $200 1 $0 0
November $0 0 $0 0
October $650 1 $400 1
September $438 2 $1110 5
August $415 13 $685 18
July $750 2 $612 19
June $0 0 $729 31

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Информация о лоте

Auction Bidding History: 2001 LEXUS RX300 (VIN: JTJHF10U010175986) at COPART

Would you like to learn everything there is to know about a certain vehicle, such as LEXUS RX300 2001, and view its auction bid history? You can streamline and speed up your information search with the help of our service's comprehensive reports.

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique string of characters assigned to every vehicle. This code contains a wealth of valuable information about the LEXUS RX300, including the year of manufacture, the country of manufacture, the type of engine, and many other characteristics. Understanding the VIN facilitates a comprehensive history of the vehicle, facilitating informed decisions when purchasing a car.

A car auction, such as COPART, is a marketplace where vehicles are auctioned through open bidding. Commonly at auctions, one might stumble upon offers for cars that have been returned after leasing, impacted in accidents, or repossessed from their previous owners. Monitoring the 2001 LEXUS RX300 VIN number JTJHF10U010175986 bidding history aids to understand the actual past of the car, sometimes covering information on primary and secondary damage, as well as the concluding sale price.

Information about previous bidding actions for LEXUS RX300 at auction COPART exposes potential trends in pricing. By analyzing factors such as sale date and sale status, both buyers and sellers can optimize their bidding strategies.

Detailed Report: LEXUS RX300, VIN JTJHF10U010175986 History

Upon analyzing the history of a VIN number LEXUS RX300 2001 the main aspects to concentrate on include:

  • Make and Model: Knowing the make and model lays the groundwork for further investigation.
  • Year of Manufacture: The year of manufacture offers insights into the vehicle's age and possible deterioration.
  • Key Availability: Indicating whether the original keys are available can substantially influence the functionality of the vehicle.
  • Damage Type: The identification of primary damage and secondary damage is essential for calculating repair and restoration costs.
  • Repair Cost: Grasping potential repair costs assists buyers in allocating funds for the purchase and restoration of the vehicle.
  • Driving Ability: It sheds light on the vehicle’s driving capabilities.
  • Body Style: The vehicle's body type reveals a lot about space availability and the overall aesthetic of the car.
  • Photos: The availability of photos helps with evaluating the vehicle’s condition and identifying damage.
  • Complete List of Options and Features: A comprehensive list of options and features can showcase extra functionalities and amenities of the vehicle that influence its comfort.
  • Sales Price: The Initial sales price provides a basis for making offers and comparing market value.

This detailed framework offers the essential information for an accurate appraisal of a car. Utilizing the listed aspects as guidelines in the evaluation report ensures a thorough and integrity-filled overview for potential buyers or sellers.

LEXUS RX300 VIN JTJHF10U010175986: Comprehensive Overview

Upon looking at a 2001 LEXUS RX300 for sale, in addition to the basic information, it is important to pay attention to additional details that together will furnish a complete picture of the vehicle. The LEXUS RX300 2001 can reveal its current legal status and provide information about its past.

This vehicle is categorized as AUTOMOBILE and was manufactured by the well-known LEXUS brand. Its model is RX300, that was released in the 2001 year. The distinctive vehicle identification number (VIN) assigned to it is JTJHF10U010175986. This car was presented for sale at an auction with the lot number 47560614.

The LEXUS RX300 2001 features a GOLD shade and RUNS AND DRIVES, indicating whether it is in operational condition. It is powered by an 3.0L 6 engine, and the transmission type is described as AUTOMATIC. The sale occurred through the COPART USA on 22/04/2024. The sale price of the vehicle was . To summarize, the 2001 LEXUS RX300 VIN JTJHF10U010175986 was marked as Sold in the sale status.

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What information does a VIN provide for a LEXUS RX300?

A VIN can provide a lot of information about a vehicle make LEXUS model RX300. This unique number holds encrypted information about the manufacturer, vehicle specifications such as model year, engine type, manufacturer, and more. In addition, the VIN can be used to locate data related to the history of that vehicle, covering records of road incidents, accident involvement, disposals, manufacturer recalls, maintenance, and service and repair procedures.

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