HYUNDAI XG350 L 2004 White, VIN: KMHFU45E24A286875

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Номер лота Аукцион Статус Дата Сумма
38670027 IAAI Sold 16/02/2024 875$
Copart USA
Sold 04/03/2021 1000$

Информация о лоте

Номер лота







Gulf Coast (MS)

Оценочная стоимость





Clear (Mississippi)


Repossession , UNKNOWN

Пробег, миль



3.5L V-6 DOHC, 194HP




Front Wheel Drive

Коробка передач


Auction Sale statistic

HYUNDAI XG350 2004

За период с : 2023-05 По: 2024-04

IAAI: 14 Lots

COPART: 31 Lots

Всего: 45

AVG Price

HYUNDAI XG350 2004

April $231 4 $488 2
March $563 2 $275 4
February $592 3 $286 7
January $0 0 $0 0
December $375 1 $0 0
November $0 0 $450 1
October $0 0 $0 0
September $0 0 $0 0
August $483 3 $283 3
July $0 0 $250 6
June $0 0 $325 2
May $400 1 $438 6

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Информация о лоте

Auction Activity for 2004 HYUNDAI XG350 (VIN: KMHFU45E24A286875) at IAAI

When it comes to participating in auctions for cars like 2004 HYUNDAI XG350 vin number KMHFU45E24A286875 at IAAI, grasping the significance of a VIN and the function of auctions in the automotive industry is crucial.

Various automobile industry concerns rely on VINs. Car owners necessitate a VIN to enroll, insure, or get a vehicle history record. The VIN enables auction participants verify vehicles and explore backgrounds, minimizing the dangers of purchasing a pre-owned car.

Car auctions enable vendors to access a broad audience. Auction cars may be new, used, post-accident, or written-off. Auctions pull in individual purchasers and professional dealers, who judge each lot based on its characteristics, condition, and VIN.

IAAI USA provides numerous items, including a 2004 HYUNDAI XG350 for sale under lot number 38670027. Use the VIN KMHFU45E24A286875 to check this vehicle's entire history, knowing that every piece of information aids auction bidders make better decisions.

Full History Check for HYUNDAI XG350, VIN KMHFU45E24A286875

When examining the history of HYUNDAI XG350 2004, you should note key features:

  • Vehicle Type: AUTOMOBILE;
  • Make: HYUNDAI;
  • Model: XG350;
  • Year of Manufacture: 2004;
  • VIN: KMHFU45E24A286875;
  • Lot Number: 38670027;
  • Primary damage: Repossession;
  • Secondary damage: UNKNOWN;
  • Driving Ability: Run & Drive;
  • Sale Price: ;
  • Auction: IAAI.

All of this data plays a crucial role in assessing and deciding the value and appropriateness of buying a VIN number HYUNDAI XG350 2004 car at auction. Potential buyers are recommended to take into account each of these aspects to have a full overview of the car's condition.

Full Spectrum of Info on HYUNDAI XG350 VIN KMHFU45E24A286875

Reviewing a 2004 HYUNDAI XG350 for sale, demands a more thorough exploration beyond just the basics. Acquiring a broader understanding facilitates constructing a full profile of the vehicle's condition. The HYUNDAI XG350 2004, critical for determining its legal standing, uncovers its historical backdrop.

Identified as a AUTOMOBILE, this vehicle from the esteemed HYUNDAI brand features the model XG350, introduced in 2004. Its unique VIN is KMHFU45E24A286875, and it was announced for auction with the lot number 38670027.

During the evaluation, a comprehensive investigation uncovered that the vehicle's most significant damage is situated in the Repossession area. Moreover, it was noticed that minor damage is UNKNOWN.

Sporting a White exterior and Run & Drive implying whether it is running status. Powered by an 3.5L V-6 DOHC, 194HP engine and boasting a Automatic transmission, this specimen was transacted at the IAAI USA on 16/02/2024. Priced at , the vehicle with VIN KMHFU45E24A286875 was recorded as Sold regarding its sale status, offering a definitive glance at its present condition.

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What details can I find in the VIN of a HYUNDAI XG350?

In the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of a HYUNDAI XG350 you will find distinct details such as the place of origin, manufacturing year, engine type, transmission type, and other important vehicle characteristics and options.

What's the best way to find a vehicle's history with a VIN?

The best way to find a VIN check IAAI USA is to use online vehicle history service that provide reports based on the VIN entered. They can provide information about previous owners, accidents, repairs, and more.

What value does provide in VIN searches? delivers an extensive database that can supplying detailed vehicle history reports, covering previous sales, reported accidents, insurance claim details, and maintenance records. This improves transparency for purchasing a used car.