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Copart USA
Sold 20/02/2024 19000$

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CA -



Пробег, миль






All wheel drive

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За период с : 2023-05 По: 2024-04

IAAI: 5 Lots

COPART: 12 Lots

Всего: 17

AVG Price


April $19025 1 $20900 8
March $17225 1 $24925 2
February $21942 3 $21300 2
January $0 0 $0 0
December $0 0 $0 0
November $0 0 $0 0
October $0 0 $0 0
September $0 0 $0 0
August $0 0 $0 0
July $0 0 $0 0
June $0 0 $0 0
May $0 0 $0 0

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Информация о лоте

COPART Bidding Details: 2022 AUDI E-TRON VIN WA1AAAGE8NB005493

Diving into the quest of acquiring a previously valued vehicle, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) emerges as a keystone for those in the pursuit for their next automobile prize. This unique 17-character signature, sole to each vehicle, goes beyond the ordinary, offering a cornucopia of information about the vehicle’s heritage, specifications, and origins. Auction platforms such as COPART serve as a bustling marketplace, showcasing a spectrum of vehicles from the immaculate to the diamond in the rough, all awaiting uncovery by perceptive buyers. Grasping the essence of VINs alongside the nuances of auction dynamics is not just required, it’s crucial for smart participation.

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive exploration of the vehicle history for the 2022 AUDI E-TRON VIN number WA1AAAGE8NB005493, where every critical technical specification has been meticulously compiled for your benefit.

AUDI E-TRON with VIN WA1AAAGE8NB005493: Full History Overview

Begin a comprehensive vehicle history analysis for the AUDI E-TRON 2022 using VIN WA1AAAGE8NB005493. This report meticulously examines critical aspects that interested parties or existing owners must examine to accurately evaluate the vehicle’s status and value.

  • Market Value Assessment. The current market value of the 2022 AUDI E-TRON for sale is estimated at , indicating its standing in the dynamic automotive market.
  • VIN-based Vehicle History. Examining the VIN for the AUDI E-TRON 2022 results in an comprehensive report documenting important historical incidents, crucial for knowing the vehicle's overall state and backstory.
  • Repair Expense Forecast. Insight into the possible costs for restoring any detected damage is a critical factor in the acquisition decision at auctions, providing a clear image of the economic considerations.
  • Damage Overview. The report outlines that primary damage is REAR END, when the secondary damage is damage important information that affects both the vehicle's appraisal and the immediacy or degree of needed repairs.
  • Key Availability. Information on the existence of keys for the AUDI E-TRON 2022 is essential, making it easier simpler valuation and strategic planning post-purchase.
  • Operational Status. Confirming that the 2022 AUDI E-TRON is operational and can start is essential, indicating the vehicle's direct usability.
  • Body Type Specification. Focus on the condition of the car's body. You can understand this by looking at the provided photos or checking the specifications.
  • Transmission Type. It features a AUTOMATIC transmission, an important aspect affecting the vehicle's performance.
  • Engine Specification. The vehicle is powered by an engine, a considerable factor in its operational efficiency and performance attributes.

Each of these components takes on a critical role in the technical analysis of the vehicle, supplying a foundation for a knowledgeable decision-making procedure in the context of auctions or direct purchase.

In-depth examination of these characteristics will enable a clearer grasp of the vehicle's technological and operational features.

Total Information Summary for AUDI E-TRON VIN WA1AAAGE8NB005493

The VIN check unfold a comprehensive tale of the features and present state of the year make model up for grabs. Discover all essential insights about AUDI E-TRON VIN WA1AAAGE8NB005493, conveniently aggregated for your consideration.

This vehicle is a AUTOMOBILE type, produced by the renowned AUDI company. Its model is E-TRON, released in the year 2022. The distinctive vehicle identification number (VIN) assigned is WA1AAAGE8NB005493. This vehicle was put up for sale at COPART USA, under the lot number 39560614.

It features a BEIGE hue and ENHANCED VEHICLES, signaling whether it is functional. Every element, from the powerful roar of the engine and the efficiency of its AUTOMATIC transmission to the sophistication of its body type, contributes to the epic of an automobile that has travelled byways and endured adventures. Now it Sold at , track its route to this moment. The auction COPART beckons with a 20/02/2024

Embracing a vehicle, whether holding an impeccable service record or in necessity of maintenance, necessitates a comprehensive review into its history. This granular VIN WA1AAAGE8NB005493 history report unveils the vehicle’s life story, providing potential buyers with the information for an educated decision. Ready to embark on new paths, the VIN number AUDI E-TRON 2022, assures reliability, adventure, and performance.

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What advantages does a VIN search on offer?

A VIN check COPART USA on provides a detailed vehicle history, including accidental history, repairs, and ownership changes, ensuring a forthright and knowledgeable purchase decision.

How can I uncover a vehicle's history using its VIN?

To uncover a vehicle's history using its VIN, input the VIN number into a trusted vehicle history report platform like This will generate a comprehensive report outlining the vehicle's past.

What's the significance of a VIN on a AUDI E-TRON?

The significance of a VIN on a AUDI E-TRON lies in its ability to distinctly identify the vehicle, giving insights into its production details, specifications, and history, vital for confirming its authenticity and background.