This is the SUZUKI VIN decoder. Every SUZUKI car has a unique identifier code called a VIN. This number contains vital information about the car, such as its manufacturer, year of production, the plant it was produced in, type of engine, model and more. For instance, if someone wants to buy a car, it is possible to check the VIN number one the online database to ensure that the car was not stolen, damaged or illegally modified. The VIN number has a specific format that is globally recognized. This format was implemented by the ISO institute. Every car manufacturer is obliged to mark all its vehicles in this special format. This online service allows a user to check the validity of the car and get detailed information on almost any VIN number, search for SUZUKI car parts and check the car's history. The VIN also allows a user to get a build sheet of SUZUKI.
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AERIO AN400 AN400 / AN400S AN400A AN400AL AN400AM0 (BURGMAN 400) AN400K AN650 AN650A AN650AL AN650K AN650L BOULEVARD BOULEVARD C50 (VL800L9) / BOULEVARD C50T (VL800TL9) BOULEVARD C50(VL800L8) / BOULEVARD C50T(VL800TL8) BOULEVARD C50T BOULEVARD C90 B.O.S.S. (VL1500BL8) / BOULEVARD C90T(VL1500TL8) BOULEVARD C90 B.O.S.S. (VL1500BL9) / BOULEVARD C90T (VL1500TL9) BOULEVARD M109R B.O.S.S. (VZR1800BZL9) BOULEVARD M109R B.O.S.S.(VZR1800BZL8) BOULEVARD M50 (VZ800L9) BOULEVARD M50(VZ800L8) BOULEVARD M90 (VZ1500L9) BOULEVARD M90(VZ1500L8) BOULEVARD S40 (LS650BL9) BOULEVARD S40(LS650BL8 ) BURGMAN BURGMAN 200 ABS (UH200AL9) BURGMAN 200 ABS(UH200AL8) BURGMAN 400 ABS (AN400AL9) BURGMAN 400 ABS(AN400AL8 ) BURGMAN 650(AN650ZL8) BUSINESS DL1000 DL1000AL/DL1000AAL DL1000K DL1000L DL1000XAAL9 (V-STROM 1000XT ADVENTURE) DL650 DL650A DL650AAL/DL650AL DL650AL DL650K DL650XA/DL650A DL650XAAL9 (V-STROM 650XT TOURING) DL650XAL/DL650AAL/DL650AL DL650XAL7 DR-Z110 DR-Z125 DR-Z125K DR-Z125L DR-Z125LK DR-Z250 DR-Z250K DR-Z400E DR-Z400EK DR-Z400S DR-Z400SK DR-Z400SL DR-Z400SL8 DR-Z400SL9 DR-Z400SM DR-Z400SML DR-Z400SML8 DR-Z400SML9 DR125SE DR200S DR200SE DR200SEK DR200SEL DR200SL DR200SL8 DR200SL9 DR250F DR250SE DR350 DR350SE DR650S DR650SE DR650SEK DR650SEL DR650SEL8 DR650SEL9 DS80 ENDURO EQUATOR ESTEEM FAMILY FORENZA GN125E GN125E/ GN125ET GRAND VITARA GRAND VITARA XL-7 GS450 GS500 GS500(GS500H)/GS500F(GS500FH) GS500E GS500E/GS500ET GS500K GSF1200 GSF1200S GSF1200SK GSF1200SK/GSF1200K GSF1250S GSF1250SA GSF1250SA/GSX1250SA GSF600S GSF600SK GSF650S GSX GSX-8S GSX-R1000 GSX-R1000/GSX-R1000Z GSX-R1000AL GSX-R1000AL9 (50ST) GSX-R1000K GSX-R1000L GSX-R1000L/GSX-R1000ZL GSX-R1000L7/GSX-R1000AL7 GSX-R1000L8 GSX-R1000L8 / GSX-R1000AL8 GSX-R1000R GSX-R1000RAL7/GSX-R1000RAZL7 GSX-R1000RAL8 / GSX-R1000RZAL8 GSX-R1100 GSX-R1100W GSX-R600 GSX-R600/GSX-R600X GSX-R600K GSX-R600L GSX-R600L7 GSX-R600L8 GSX-R600L9 GSX-R750 GSX-R750/GSX-R750X GSX-R750K GSX-R750L GSX-R750L7 GSX-R750L8 GSX-R750L9 GSX-R750W GSX-S1000 GSX-S1000A GSX-S1000AL7 GSX-S1000AL8 / GSX-S1000ZAL8 GSX-S1000AL9/GSXS1000ZAL9/GSXS1000YAL9 GSX-S1000F GSX-S1000FA GSX-S1000FAL8 GSX-S1000GT/GSX-S1000GT+ GSX-S750 GSX-S750L8 GSX-S750ZAL8 / GSX-S750L8 GSX-S750ZL/GSX-S750L GSX-S750ZL9 (49ST) GSX-Z750ZAL9 (50ST) / GSX-S750YAL9 (50ST) / GSX-S750ZL9 (50ST) GSX1100 GSX1100G GSX1250FAL GSX1300BK GSX1300R GSX1300RAL GSX1300RAL/GSX1300RAZL GSX1300RAL9 (HAYABUSA) GSX1300RAM0 (HAYABUSA) GSX1300RK GSX1300RL GSX1300RL/GSX1300RZL GSX1300RRM2 / GSX1300RRZM2 GSX250R GSX600F GSX600F/GSX600FT GSX600FK GSX650F GSX650FA GSX750F GSX750F/GSX750FT GSX750FK GSXR1000RAL9 (50ST) / GSXR1000RZL9 (50ST) GSXS1000FZL9 GSXS1000SM0 GV1400 GV700GL GW250FL/GW250ZL GW250L GZ250 GZ250K HAYABUSA HAYABUSA(GSX1300RAL8) JR50 KIZASHI LOW SPEED VEHICLE LS650 LS650BL7 LS650L LS650P LS650PK LT-A400 LT-A400F LT-A400F/LT-A400FC/LT-A400FH LT-A400F/LT-A400FCL LT-A400F/LT-A400FCL/LT-A400FL LT-A400F/LT-A400FZ LT-A400FCL/LT-A400FL LT-A400FCL/LT-A400FL/LT-A400FZL (KINGQUAD 400 ASI) LT-A400FK LT-A450X LT-A500 LT-A500F LT-A500F/LT-A500FC LT-A500FK LT-A500XCL/LT-A500XL LT-A500XP LT-A500XPCL/LT-A500XPL LT-A500XPCL/LT-A500XPL/LT-A500XPZL LT-A500XPL LT-A700X LT-A750 LT-A750 / KING QUAD 750 AXI LT-A750X/LT-A750XCL/LT-A750XL LT-A750X/LT-A750XZ/LT-A750XC LT-A750XL/LT-A750XCL LT-A750XL/LT-A750XCL/LT-A750XZL LT-A750XPCL/LT-A750XPL/LT-A750XPZL LT-A750XPL LT-F160 LT-F250 LT-F250F LT-F250FK LT-F250K LT-F300F LT-F400 LT-F400F LT-F400F/LT-F400FC LT-F400FL/KINGQUAD 400 FSI LT-F400K LT-F4WD LT-F4WDX LT-F500FK LT-R450 LT-R450Z LT-Z250 LT-Z400/LT-Z400Z LT-Z400K LT-Z400L LT-Z400L/LT-Z400ZL LT-Z400Z LT-Z50 LT-Z90 LT80 QUV620F RENO RF600R RF900R RM-Z250 RM-Z250L RM-Z450 RM-Z450L RM125 RM125K RM125T RM250 RM250/ RM250T RM65 RM85 RM85L RMX450ZL RV200L7 RV200L8 RV200L9 SAMURAI SFV650 SFV650A SFV650L SIDEKICK SIDEKICK SPORT SUZUKI BOULEVARD M109R B.O.S.S. SV1000 / SV1000S SV1000K / SV1000SK SV1000S SV650 SV650/SV650S SV650/SV650S/SV650SF SV650A/SV650SA SV650A/SV650SA/SV650SAF SV650AL7 SV650AL8 SV650AL9 / SV650XAL9 SV650K/SV650SK SV650L7 SV650L8 SV650L9 SWIFT SX4 TL1000R TL1000RK TL1000S TOURING TU250X TU250XL TU250XL8 TU250XL9 UH200AM0 (BURGMAN 200 ABS) UH200AM2 UH200L V-STROM 1000 ABS(DL1000AL8) / V-STROM 1000 XT ABS(DL100XAL8) V-STROM 1050 V-STROM 1050XT V-STROM 650 V-STROM 650XT V-STROM 650XT ADVENTURE V-STROM 800 V-STROM 800DE / V-STROM 800DE ADVENTURE VERONA VITARA VL1500 VL1500 / VL1500T VL1500BL/VL1500TL VL1500K VL1500L/VL1500BL/VL1500TL/VL1500BTL VL800 VL800 / VL800T / VL800C/VL800B VL800/VL800C/VL800T VL800/VL800T/VL800Z VL800BL/VL800CL/VL800L/VL800TL VL800CL/VL800L/VL800TL VL800K VL800L/VL800TL VL800TL VLR1800/VLR1800T VS1400 VS1400/VS1400GL VS1400GLP VS1400GLPK VS700 VS750 INTRUDER VS800 VS800GL VS800GLK VX800 VZ1500 VZ1500L VZ1600 VZ800 VZ800/VZ800B/VZ800Z VZ800/VZ800Z VZ800K VZ800L VZR1800 VZR1800/VZR1800Z VZR1800/VZR1800Z/VZR1800N VZR1800BZL VZR1800BZL/VZR1800L/VZR1800ZL VZR1800L/VZR1800ZL X-90 XL7

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